About Us


Your Regional Aviation Hub

BMG is your regional hub for aviation business activity, economic growth, and a gateway to southern Indiana’s infrastructure future.


To safely and efficiently connect our region to the world, fostering economic growth and community integration through outstanding aviation services, collaborative partnerships, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Your Gateway to Adventure at Monroe County Airport

At Monroe County Airport (BMG), we’re not just an airport; we’re your ideal gateway to Southern Indiana’s treasures. Equipped with the same advanced amenities as the larger airports to the north, BMG stands out as the smarter, more convenient choice for reaching destinations like Indiana University, NSA Crane, Cook Medical, and the scenic Lake Monroe and Brown County areas.

Whether your journey is for business or leisure, BMG offers unparalleled accessibility to these key locations at a fraction of the cost. Our proximity means you’re closer to where you need to be, saving precious time and avoiding the hustle of larger, distant airports. And when it comes to hospitality, we double down, ensuring your experience is as pleasant and welcoming as the destinations you’re visiting.

Choose Monroe County Airport for a travel experience that combines the best of both worlds – state-of-the-art facilities and a warm, community-focused approach. BMG isn’t just your starting point; it’s a part of your journey, enriching your visit to Southern Indiana with ease, efficiency, and genuine hospitality.